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I am grateful to Dr. Jesús Tronch of Universitat de València for notifying me of some transcription errors in Timon of Athens (corrected on 4 June 2019).





4 June 2019Corrected transcription errors for Timon of Athens, in the Folio.xlsx spreadsheet and on the Facsimile Lookup - Folio Plays page. I have not corrected these errors on the Concordance page, as the text there was used for the results published in my 2016 article on compositor attributions. Errors corrected today were (correct reading given first): 5 Ood] ood; 13 {s}pirits] c{s}pirits; 325 Comes] Come; 885 Treature] Trea{s}ure; 928 bouutifull] bountifull; 967 Flam] Flam.; 1029 Seruilius.] Seruilius,; 1159 th'{s}um] th' {s}um; 1280 1Sen.] 1.Sen.; 1532 Sowe] So we; 1617 fay,] {s}ay; 1776 curld'] curl’d
6 May 2019Fixed bug in the Folio facsimile lookup page whereby search was not working correctly in lines containing semicolons. Added instructions to the page.
26 February 2016Corrected rr1r from an Ey page to Ex (for both Hinman and Norton attributions). Corrected rr6r from Ex (Hinman) and Bx (Norton) to By for both. This error was caused by Hinman's corresponding error at II, 517.
13 December 2015For page cc2v corrected typecase from '?' to y and for pages cc5r, dd2v and dd5r corrected typecase from '?' to x.
23 October 2015In the Q/F mapping spreadsheet corrected the last TLN of King Lear from 3301 to 3302.
17 October 2015Noted in the supplementary index that *gg3r is a Romeo page.
26 August 2015For Romeo and Troilus, added more detail to the printing order matrix.
24 August 2015Simplified supplementary index to Printing and Proof-Reading by merging some rows. Noted that *gg3v and *gg4r=χ2r are in Group 17a.
23 April 2015Did a review and found that for several more pages assigned to more than one compositor the typecase had been wrongly set to the same value for all compositors. Corrected the typecases to x for the following: I5r-a, O4r-b, O4v-b, P5v-a1, P6v-b, Q5v-a, χgg2v-a, χgg2v-b1, χgg2v-b3, h4r-b, i6v-b, k5r-a, ll5r-b2, oo1r-a, oo1r-b1, pp4r-b2, rr1v-a.
10 April 2015For part-pages mm2r-b2 and mm5r-a, corrected typecase from y to x.
04 February 2015For part-page ¶¶4v-b2, corrected typecase from y to x.